‘Under One Sky’ Volunteering

December 2, 2020

Hazel, VII, has launched a new service option as part of our St Paul’s Programme:

After working with Under One Sky (UOS) during the city’s first lockdown, delivering food and clothing to rough sleepers in Central London, I knew I wanted to continue this essential work for the second lockdown – and what better way than to get a group of eager Paulinas involved? Together, Immy, Mimi, Kitty and I have pioneered the UOS Bright Stars Youth Division for our service option of the St Paul’s Programme every Friday afternoon. Leaving the school to walk the streets of Soho, we catch up with rough sleepers not only to give them a hot drink or a warm pair of socks, but also to share conversation and kindness. These men and women often feel forgotten and marginalised and this has only been amplified by the COVID crisis. Our favourite part of each week is seeing our ‘regulars’ in Soho Square. One lovely man never forgets to practise Kitty’s GCSE German with her, and another cannot wait to see me as he knows no English but remembers I speak Chinese! Every week, our team learns so much about life on the streets and gains an even greater sense of compassion and understanding for our friends in Soho. We are grateful to Mr Hitchcock for his help in pursuing this project.

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