V Visual Research Study Day

December 14, 2020

The V enjoyed a day off timetable in the last week of term to explore new artistic techniques in advance of beginning their first coursework project. Bella, V, tells us more about the day:

The theme for our first assessed project is ‘New Views’. On Tuesday, we used this theme to inspire us to look at the very familiar scene of Brook Green in a different light. We started off the day with a talk from Mr Bunning before splitting into our groups for the day, with each group focusing on two different workshops. Each workshop reeled in on a different aspect of viewing things in a different light: in ceramics we decorated plates with the ‘sounds of the city’; in sculpture we built boats of hope using natural resources, later on heading down to the Thames to watch them drift towards Putney Bridge (even though most of them ended up sinking after 15 seconds); in printing we worked on the architecture of our surroundings by making layered prints; and in film we based our work off John Smith’s ‘Girl Chewing Gum’. The day overall was a great success and even though we weren’t able to go to Kew Gardens, everyone had a great deal of fun and gained a lot of understanding and inspiration from the day.

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