VI Drama Performances

May 13, 2016

A packed audience in the new Drama Studio watched as 25 girls from the VI School Directed Course gave dazzling performances for their final practical exams. The six groups were assigned female historical figures, which they used as creative stimuli to devise twenty-minute pieces of theatre. The process of months of hard work exploring, writing, experimenting, editing, rehearsing and re-rehearsing resulted in finely crafted and stimulating dramas. Parents commented that the diversity of styles, ranging from naturalism to physical and stylised theatre, meant that three hours flew by, as they were treated to various original and inventive representations of the lives of Mary Shelley, Jackie Kennedy, the Romanovs, Amelia Earhart, Rachel Corrie and the Brontë sisters. The girls’ exam nerves gave way to highly energised, accomplished and impressive performances that kept the audience and examiners rapt.

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