VI Final Year Assembly

July 7, 2020

During the last week of term the VI came together for a final year assembly on Zoom to celebrate the last five years they have spent together. Holly and Amelia H discuss the event:

We began with a number of amazing performances from some of talented musicians in our year, with singing, incredible guitar skills and a musical medley from our very own Close Harmony group, Killer Queens. Then after reflecting on our memorable time together at SPGS so far, we watched a video of short clips submitted by the year demonstrating what we have been up to during lockdown, and then laughed at our younger selves in a slideshow of photos. Finally we paid tribute to each leaver with speeches compiled of messages submitted by the year group, and took a fun screenshot of everyone to mark the end of the year. While we wish it could have been in person, it was a lovely way to wish our leavers the very best and find the positives of lockdown. 

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