VII Induction

September 11, 2020

Last Tuesday, our new Year 12 made their way to school for their highly-anticipated Induction Day. Here Daliyah, VII, tells us more:

On the Induction Day everyone was lively and eager to get started as it was the first time the entire year group had been on-site at school for just over four months. After securing our face masks and ensuring our hands were completely sanitized, we made our way to the sports hall where we were given a series of talks from the High Mistress and Senior Management Team, informing us about life in the Senior School as well as the important and necessary new rules in place due to Covid-19. After these insightful talks we were separated into our tutor groups, whereupon we spent time settling into our new forms and getting to know each other (though from a distance!). This form time also gave us the opportunity to raise any queries or concerns we had in light of the present situation and discuss the ‘new normal’ at school. All in all, the day was both informative and reassuring and made for a successful start to our Senior School experience.

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