VII Senior Programme Launch

September 28, 2020

Ria, VII, describes the launch of this unique St Paul’s programme:

Last Friday afternoon, the VII began what is arguably the highlight of the Senior School: the St Paul’s Programme. Released from afternoon timetabled-lessons, students spent the first week of this five-week rotation either expanding their breadth of knowledge with electives, or giving back to the local community with service and outreach. Whether it’s getting your hands dirty whilst gardening on Brook Green, or using Zoom to interact remotely with the elderly in care homes, there is something fun and beneficial for everyone in spite of social distancing measures. On the other side of the programme, students working on electives were introduced on Friday to their two chosen staff-led courses. Electives give students the flexibility to go beyond subject curriculums, exploring new elements of their A level subjects or even learning something entirely new and unrelated. This year they range from practical ‘basic first aid’ to ‘Renaissance world-view’ to the new year long electives on ‘3D environments’ and ‘algorithmic sound’.  All in all, electives or service, the first instalment of the St Pauls’s Programme proved to be a great success for all members of the VII, and we look forward to gaining more insight into the world outside of A levels in the next few weeks to come!

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