Wellbeing Week 2018

February 5, 2018

Last week marked St Paul’s second Wellbeing Week, and the array of activities was phenomenal. From stress-relieving finger knitting, to an improv workshop designed to increase confidence, from meditative music outside classrooms to lunchtime yoga, there was time for everyone to de-stress and relax. The wish trees once again adorned the Marble, filled with many positive thoughts. They were also joined this year by the ‘What made me…’ board, where students used colourful strands representing different emotions to connect different aspects of life. A particular highlight of the week was ‘uncover/discover’: an interactive art display created by Mr Morton, where the silhouettes of those entering the space are filled with inspirational and positive words. We all noticed a lift in the mood of the school, and hope that everyone takes the habits of mind acquired during the week well into the rest of 2018.

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