West London Schools Eco-Meeting

February 19, 2020

Last Thursday, three SPEAC representatives attended a lunchtime eco meeting at Hammersmith Academy. This was part of our ongoing West London Schools Eco-Partnership, which has met three times since summer 2019, and complements the wider London Schools Eco-Network we set up last term and the new Hammersmith & Fulham Council Climate Alliance, of which we are both members. Here, Liz and Charlotte, both VII, tell us more about the meeting:

We were given a tour of Hammersmith Academy’s impressive school gardens and saw some students leading a regular tutor-time gardening session. They were keen to implement TerraCycle so we offered some tips from our experience, and we were excited to hear about the charities that they were working with, including Hammersmith Community Gardens Association and the H&F Foodbank. It was great to discuss future joint plans, such as raising money together for the Australian bushfires, holding a joint Green Week at the end of March, and running volunteering and primary eco-workshops together. As always, the meeting was much too short, but we look forward to what lies in store. 

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