Academic Partnerships

Academic partnerships are central to our partnerships programme. We have formed a network of schools through the developing West London Partnership, through which we are sharing ideas, online sessions and making connections between departments across south and south-west London. This collaboration will enable us to maximise the impact of our pre-existing academic partnerships.

Several academic partnerships initiatives are annual and ongoing. Each year we share our Higher Education and Careers programmes with over 100 students from many other schools. Students at local schools join group sessions and receive tailored advice, interview practice and personal statement guidance. In the summer term, we open our annual Higher Education Conference to neighbouring schools, and students from partner schools attend St Paul’s careers event. For example, aspiring medics can attend events such as a clinical examination skills session, an MMI event and a virtual GP event.

Several St Paul’s teachers also offer exam support to local students, organising preparation classes and holiday revision sessions. These partnerships are mutually beneficial. Some of our teachers meet with those in partner schools to discuss and share subject specific resources and best practice. Students from St Paul’s and local schools enjoy reciprocal sharing of invitations to talks and events covering a diverse range of topics.

Many St Paul’s students participate in academic partnerships projects. Minimus, one of our longest running schemes, sees some of our students visit two local primary schools to teach basic Latin. St Paul’s students and local schools partner for language days and activities, such as heritage languages day. Schools in London are invited to enter Sixth Form teams into our annual French Debating competition, while our Russian linguists send letters and converse on Skype regularly with students at a Moscow state secondary school.