Art History

Even among the few schools that teach art history as an academic subject, we think we’re unique in embedding it into our art teaching. So in the MIV and UIV our students are developing a critical approach to art by getting ready to take their parents or guardians on a tour of the National Gallery and their art lessons also include a historical approach to architecture. Add in our A level course and our contribution to the general studies programme and nearly every year group in the school has the chance to come into contact with art history.

Our teaching expertise means we can guide students to set works of art in their social and historical context, as well as understand the importance of theory in contemporary art. Our enthusiastic A level seminar groups have researched anything from art in the eighteenth-century French court to what’s next on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. And whether you study art history throughout your school career or just for a term or two, it’ll open up a lifetime of looking critically at the art and architecture around you.