Computer Science and Creative Technology

Computer Science and Creative Technology is part of the curriculum in the Lower School and is now an option at GCSE. We consider computer science to be the fourth science; it is a discipline with established techniques and thinking skills that will last students a lifetime. It is important that students are given the chance to learn the workings of the digital systems that pervade their world.

You will be introduced to computer science and creative technology in the Lower School where you will learn to use Scratch, Python and HTML. If you choose to take the GCSE option you will further your knowledge by writing, executing, testing and debugging your own programmes written in both generic pseudocode and in Python. You will learn about the sub-systems of computer systems and how they interrelate, including software, hardware, data, communications and people. You will also gain an appreciation of current and emerging computing technologies, the benefits of their use, their potential risks and their ethical implications.

For GCSE we follow the Cambridge iGCSE Computer Science specification.

At St Paul’s we have superb facilities which include three dedicated computer rooms, available to the girls to use for work or relaxation at all breaks. In addition we have excellent onsite IT technical support and school wide Wi-Fi supporting a ‘bring your own device policy’

Beyond the curriculum

We run a lunch time coding club and encourage girls to join the club or work on their own projects, such as game development or robotics. We can provide support to girls who have projects they wish to pursue outside of lesson time drawing on the expertise of the full IT technical team. We are planning to run a robotics club in the autumn term as an after school club in conjunction with a team based at Imperial University.

We will be organising a number of trips and competitions for girls who take part in the clubs or opt to study the GCSE course.