Learning Support

The learning support department’s aim is to help students reflect on their experiences as learners. We aim to help students feel confident about discussing their strengths as well as the aspects of study that they find challenging.  We encourage students to develop study strategies for the classroom and at home and we mediate with, and support subject teachers.

The department works with a wide range of students with different needs. Students with specific learning difficulties can use it as a space to think about and plan for the week ahead, tackling time management and organisational issues.  Students encountering a difficulty with a particular subject might just come for a short series of drop-in sessions to ‘think out aloud’, to try out different study skills and come up with a solution to something they are finding challenging, or trial ways of communicating their needs to teachers more effectively. Disabled students can use the department to raise issues of physical or social inclusion and to help with the planning of events or particular aspects of the curriculum.

The focus in the department is very much on the student’s sense of themselves and their understanding of their needs, but also values dialogue with parents to gain their perspectives to help us with the provision of support.