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In recent years, our environmental initiatives have become increasingly collaborative in order to maximise impact. We launched a London and South East Schools Eco-Network to bring together staff and students from different schools to share ideas and join forces on a variety of projects. Currently, student eco-teams meet regularly to discuss ongoing environmental initiatives in their respective schools and make plans for new projects to make them greener still. This sense of shared endeavour has produced tangible results, including a recent series of collaborative activities to mark World Environment Day, including a joint video assembly, newsletter and MP email campaign.

We are proud of the number of school contributing to the London and South East Schools Eco-Network. Current student eco-teams take part from the following schools, with hopes to reach out to even more in the future:

  • North London Collegiate School
  • South Hampstead High School
  • Channing School for Girls
  • West London Free School
  • City of London Girls’ School

The student group is complemented by a staff branch. Sustainability reps from more than 20 schools, stretching from London to South Africa, share an online discussion forum and organise meetings to compare various strategies to engage colleagues, students, families and communities. Members include not only geography and science teachers but also DT and economics teachers, a Headteacher’s PA, a deputy head and a librarian.

Representatives from SPEAC (St Paul’s Environmental Action Committee) also attend meetings of the West London Schools Eco-Partnership, set up in summer 2019, which sits alongside the wider London and South East Schools Eco-Network and the new Hammersmith & Fulham Council Climate Alliance, pioneering the UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN). These partnerships have encouraged collaboration with local schools (including Hammersmith Academy) and has introduced us to local organisations with whom they work, such as Hammersmith Community Gardens Association and the H&F Foodbank. We look forward to seeing how these environmental collaborations develop over the next few years.

At SPGS, the intention is for environmental initiatives to not only be topical, but ongoing and embedded throughout school life. A variety of activities run throughout the year. Students and staff join forces with Friends of Brook Green for local planting and Thames21 for riverside clean ups. SPEAC have worked with students from Hammersmith Academy to run an eco-workshop for local primary schools, led by Green Up Your Act. These initiatives sit alongside major projects.

In 2019, MIV (Year 7) students partnered with Melcombe Primary for the global ‘Ship of Tolerance’ art project. Founded by Russian contemporary artists based in the USA, Emilia and Ilya Kabakov, the project involves creating patterned sails that explore ideas of tolerance, acceptance and diversity. The Youth Climate Summit, organised by over 70 teachers, charity and NGO staff from across the UK, was successfully delivered in 2020 despite the pandemic. Attendance was overwhelming and the results tangible.

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