Curriculum Reform

The government currently plans to reform A Levels starting in 2015. Of the subjects we offer at St Paul’s, 16 will not be affected by these plans in 2015, and will continue to comprise an AS Level, with units sat in the VII, and an A2 with units sat in the VIII.

Seven of our subjects are due to become linear from 2015. In art and design, biology, chemistry, English literature, economics, history and physics this means that the AS Level will no longer form part of the A Level, which will be examined entirely at the end of the VIII. The reforms will not affect the range of choice available, nor the principle that all students will have the flexibility to enrich their learning with wider study around the core specifications. As the reform process continues the school will consider all available options to ensure that we follow the most exciting and rigorous specifications in all subjects.

Please continue to consult the website for more detail, which we will provide as the necessary information becomes available.