Gender Pay Gap Reporting

St Paul’s Girls’ School employs over 250 people under the gender pay gap reporting definition and is therefore required to comply with the statutory regulations and publish information about its gender pay gap. 221 employees were eligible for inclusion in the pay gap data for 5 April 2018.

The data was calculated in accordance with the statutory guidelines. A negative gender pay gap means that women were paid more than men at the reporting date.

Commentary on the Data

110 of the eligible employees are teaching staff at the school. They are all paid on an incremental pay spine according to experience. Payments are also made for additional responsibilities such as being head of an academic department. Salaries for other staff are determined in accordance with experience and market rates.

The mean and median gender pay gaps have increased since the April 2017 report in favour of women.  Although there are many changes within the staff body and salary levels during the reporting period, a higher retirement rate of male teachers than female during the year is a key contributor to the increase.  Retiring teachers are often at the top of the teachers’ pay spine.

Nine staff received bonus payments in the reporting period. Occasional bonuses are paid for work contributions over and above the normal expectations of the role and exceptional performance over a significant period.


Total number eligible employees                                           221

Number relevant female employees                                      146

Number relevant male employees                                         75

Mean gender pay gap                                                          -13.5%

Median gender pay gap                                                       -36.8%

Female employees receiving bonus pay                                  6 (4%)

Male employees receiving bonus pay                                     3 (4%)

Mean bonus gap                                                                 -66.7%

Median bonus gap                                                               0%

Pay Quartiles


Male                      30.4%                    Female                 69.6%

Upper Middle

Male                      25.5%                    Female                 74.5%

Lower Middle

Male                      34.5%                    Female                  65.5%


Male                      45.5%                    Female                 54.5%