Charity Shops!

Here’s why you should use them

There is scarcely a high street anywhere in the UK that does not boast at least one charity shop, a retail outlet set up by charities to raise funds by selling second-hand donated goods. It’s a huge market. The Charity Retail Association estimates that charity shops raise in excess of £295m for a range of causes every year. Clearly they’re good for the charity sector, bringing in much-needed revenue and increasing awareness for charitable issues, and there are a multitude of other reasons you should pay a visit to your local charity shop:

To be original: while charity shops can never compete with the High Street when it comes to the latest styles and trends, they’re full of vintage and timeless pieces; you’ll almost certainly have to rummage but you can be reasonably certain you’ll never run into anyone wearing the same top. Most charity shops will replenish their rails every day so there’s always something new and unique to see, and many have changing rooms so you can try before you buy.

To save money: charity shops are cheap! They’re a brilliant place to buy second hand books which are often in good condition and a fraction of the price of Amazon. They’re also a good place to find print books that aren’t available anywhere else.

To be socially responsible: many clothes in High Street shops are produced by factories overseas under conditions that wouldn’t be permitted in this country. Often these clothes, particularly the cheaper items, are such poor quality that we only wear them a few times before throwing them away, adding to landfill. In addition, some fabrics, such as cotton, are produced at huge environmental cost. If you care about the environment, you have many reasons to pop into your local charity shop!

To support a cause: obviously the money you spend in a charity shop supports an important charitable cause. But these shops also provide opportunities to the 234,000 people volunteering in charity stores nationwide (the largest single group of volunteers in the country), boosting the skills of young people and building a valuable sense of community.

Charity shops near SPGS: Fortunately, there are a plenty of charity shops on King Street very near school so if you’re looking for unique Christmas presents or a party dress that won’t break the bank, you can head to one of these on your way home.

British Heart Foundation 127 King Street, London W6 9JG
Oxfam 87 King Street, London W6 9HW
Shelter 123c King Street, London W6 9JG
Traid 119 King Street, London, W6 9JG
Royal Trinity Hospice 107 King Street, London W6 9JG

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