Covid-19 Symptoms You May Not Be Aware Of

Buzzing sensation? Loss of smell? Brain fog?
Despite the gradual lifting of lockdown, COVID-19 remains a threat, particularly as the chances of a second wave like the type seen in Texas appears likelier. The symptoms are common knowledge; high fever, dry and continuous coughs and generalised aching throughout the body. But recently more symptoms have been uncovered, and some do not seem like symptoms at all.

One recently discovered sympton is the ‘curious’ buzzing sensation that runs through the body. The feeling can range from mildly vibrating to almost ‘burning’ Scientists have studied this and speculated it is likely the immune system reacting to COVID-19 and fighting it off. This is not a widespread symptom however; it is at present relatively rare. Another symptom is burning of the eyes or eyes being very itchy. This sensation is similar to the one caused by hay fever or other allergens such as animal fur or dust.

Another symptom is ‘brain fog’ or mental fatigue. People suffering from COVID-19 have reported to be tired and unable to think properly at points. This is not an officially documented symptom, but many people suffering from the coronavirus have felt it. Furthermore, it usually comes with the more common symptoms such as a cough and/or a runny nose.

People with the virus have commented that they have sometimes lost their sense of taste and sense of smell. While this is felt by people who have other, more telling symptoms such as a fever it is also felt by people who do not have any other symptoms but this. This symptom on someone who has no other ones is believed to be the mark of a hidden carrier; someone who has no severe signs of illness but are still infected and carrying the illness. COVID-19 can also be passed on from asymptomatic people; people who have no symptoms at all but are still carrying the virus.

Anika LV