Pastoral care is central to our ethos. Ensuring that all students feel happy and confident as they progress through the school is our top priority. Our wellbeing provision is flexible and extensive, enabling us to provide each student with the kindest and most individual of pastoral care. Students are surrounded by a network of support, grounded in small tutor groups and bolstered by peer support and access to a range of in-house counsellors and therapists. This sense of security enables students to embrace opportunity and take risks, developing their resilience and self-reliance.

Our comprehensive pastoral programme and varied PSHE curriculum aims to help our students understand the world around them and give them the opportunity to engage with global issues. Students are encouraged to build empathy and develop inclusive leadership skills. A diverse range of visiting speakers aims to introduce students to different viewpoints and ways of looking at the world.

Ours is a warm and inclusive community. It is vital that every individual in our school feels valued and able to be their authentic self. We are determined to create a pastoral programme that teaches students to positively challenge bias, micro behaviours and the reinforcing of stereotypes and that celebrates difference. From revising our PSHE programme to creating a diversity calendar celebrating a range of interests, traditions and celebrations, we are committed to constant improvement to ensure all students feel welcomed and grow into active, responsible citizens.