Peer Support

Your teens can be a confusing time – and who better to help you make sense of the changes you’re going through than someone who’s been there and come out the other side?

There are going to be times when you’d much rather share your worries with other students, so every year our expert counsellor trains 10 members of the VI to offer a listening service twice a week. For the listeners, it’s a great chance to take some extra responsibility. For the students who use the service, it’s a friendly ear when you need it most.

The service is open to any student and you can drop in for a face-to-face session or simply write to the peer support team – whatever’s best for you. The peer support group meet the welfare staff once a week and hold themed workshops on topics they’ve suggested which affect everyone – from social networking to coping with exams. They take special care of new Paulinas in the MIV at the start of the school year.