SPGS Enquiry

Enquiry into abuse at St Paul’s Girls’ School

If you have any information to pass on, please contact either the NSPCC or the police direct.  Both are fully apprised of the recent allegations made to the School and are working together to provide support for those affected by abuse, and to deal with the issues raised.


For advice and support please contact the NSPCC Helpline.  The Helpline is staffed by trained child protection professionals and is available 24 hours a day every day of the year. The Helpline have been working closely with the school, police and children’s services to provide support during this time.

As well as providing advice and support, the Helpline can talk through the process of sharing any information or concerns with the Police should you wish to discuss this. You can remain anonymous when you call and do not have to provide any information about yourself. Helpline Practitioners will be able to discuss any concerns that you have about anonymity and confidentiality when you call.

You can contact the Helpline via phone (0808 800 5000), email (help@nspcc.org.uk) or through submitting an online reporting form via the NSPCC website.


Operation Winter Key is a well-established department of the Metropolitan Police.  It was set up to deal with non-recent abuse across a variety of institutions.  You can contact the police direct on 020 8217 6582.

The police will collate, and evaluate all the information that is made available to them. Where the information reaches the appropriate threshold, it will be recorded as a substantive offence or crime related incident.  It may then evolve into a full criminal investigation.

The police are approaching this with an open mind, and are not second-guessing outcomes.

Key points:

  • The police will never solicit or put pressure on an individual to complain, speak to the police or make a statement.
  • Complainants have the right to have their identity protected.
  • The police discourage potential complainants from speaking to each other as this can contaminate their recollections and accounts.
  • The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) is involved and facilitating the co-ordination of the Investigation.