Field and Pavilion

From Gill MacMillan, Director of Sport

Rear view of Sports PavilionImage: an artist’s view of the Field with the new pavilion in the rear.

We are constantly challenged by the need for more indoor space and our outdoor courts need to be re-surfaced and updated. Beginning in 2016, the re-build of the pavilion and new layout of the school Field will enable us to address a number of our current constraints and allow us to provide more opportunities both indoors and outside, including in questionable weather!

A new pavilion is to be built boasting a huge number of assets including two indoor activity areas. The downstairs area will be designed as a workout space and secondary multi-gym; this will also be a sports analysis area and can be used as a free space when needed with the equipment stored away. Upstairs there will be a larger, flexible space providing an indoor facility for lessons, clubs and other activities. From this space a viewing gallery will extend out overlooking both the courts and field. In addition, the new pavilion will provide a much-needed increase in the changing facilities available for pupils and guests.

Outside on the field and courts there will also be significant changes. The courts are being rotated to include four netball courts which can become five tennis courts. These will have a sports-specific surface and sunken posts. The rotation will result in a slight movement, but not reduction, of the lacrosse pitches, and we will continue to have two pitches for training and home games.  For the summer months an all-weather athletics jumping area is to be installed with a three-lane long jump run up and bigger high jump area; the surface again will be sports-specific. The discus is to be relocated to the opposite corner of the field and a new cage is to be installed. All other provisions will be included and are simply being adjusted or moved as required. We will have all our original markings including a 100m sprint, 80m hurdles, four rounders pitches, volleyball and football to name a few!

It is a very exciting time for sport at St Paul’s Girls’ School. With a growing number of both competitive and non-competitive sportswomen it is important that we can provide the options and facilities to look after them all. We are currently at full capacity with our facilities as they stand and welcome the new building and updates to our school environment along with all the changes that are planned to improve sport at the school.

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