Creating links with primary schools to attract the brightest minds

The bursary and outreach programme at St Paul’s is becoming increasingly important in a city like London, with growing diversity and areas of prosperity as well as great need. We connect with a number of maintained sector primary schools across nine boroughs as part of our outreach programme, and we work with heads of schools to identify talented young people who can benefit from wider opportunities at primary level or who may be encouraged to consider St Paul’s as a secondary school option.

Our onsite programme includes the week-long summer school for Year 4 children, summer enrichment days in Year 5 and the Living Library, and we also visit two local primary schools on a regular basis with the Minimus programme to teach Latin. Paulinas at school get involved at all levels, committing many hours as volunteers and helping to lead the summer school and enrichment days.

Since 2014 we have run an annual summer school. Each year a number of young girls were introduced to St Paul’s, having never heard of the school beforehand, and they succeeded throughout the application process without tutoring and simply through their own talent and hard work. We were delighted that a number of summer school students joined us in September 2017 and, using a rigorous means-testing process, we have awarded bursaries where needed. We hope to expand our outreach efforts year on year and connect with more primary schools and young people who will flourish in the dynamic St Paul’s environment.

Images below from the 2017 summer school