Establishing a world-class Boat Club

Rowing at St Paul’s continues to attract talented athletes, with over 90 members in the Boat Club. We are delighted that Old Paulinas Maxie Scheske and Jen Ehr were both selected for the 2015 Oxford University Women’s Crew, which was to win the first ever Women’s Boat Race and complete the same 6.8km Tideway course as the men’s crew. At Rio 2016, OP Zoe de Toledo will compete as the women’s cox for Team GB, one of the highest accolades for any rower and athlete.

In May 2016, we completed the Boat Club order for an Empacher 8+, which arrived just in time for National Schools’ Regatta and the summer season of training. Christened Kallenike, a Greek word meaning ‘fine in victory’, this flagship complements the new 4 single sculling boats and the two Filippi boats, a 4+ and 2-. Funded by generous donors, the singles are named Alexandria, KP Redshift, Sheldon and Catalyst.

Thank you to all donors who participated in this exciting campaign, we look forward to reporting on the continuing success of SPGSBC at competitions throughout the year. Image below: the Empacher 8+ coming in to the pontoon with its senior crew.