By building our bursary endowment we can guarantee future financial support for girls who need it

susan kramer

Baroness Susan Kramer, Old Paulina and bursary recipient: “we’re the group for whom almost the school makes the greatest difference.”

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The school started to build its bursary endowment in 2004. At present it funds 13 means-tested bursaries for Paulinas. Each donation to the endowment is invested in a capital fund to produce an income for bursaries in perpetuity. We are keen to build this long-term fund and welcome support at all levels.

It takes an endowed gift of £750,000 to fund a bursary in perpetuity, in comparison to the £217,000 to fund a standard seven-year place. With market uncertainty, the endowment needs more gifts to maintain and gradually increase the number of funded bursary places provided.

We also welcome support for partial bursaries. Many donors spread their support over time in instalments. If you would like to set up a standing order click here.

Endowment (includes Gift Aid)
100% – £750,000
75% – £562,500
50% – £375,000
25% – £187,500

Revenue bursary (includes Gift Aid)
100% – £217,000
75% – £162,750
50% – £108,500
25% – £54,250

While many donors cannot give gifts of this magnitude, there are many ways to support the endowment – the most popular is to name a seat in the Singing Hall. A gift of £2,500 (£2,000 + Gift Aid), whether given as a single gift or divided into instalments, adds to the endowment and in addition to helping fund bursaries in perpetuity, you also have a seat plaque engraved with the message of your choice and affixed to a Singing Hall seat.