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Disney: Only In It For the Money?

Disney's live action remakes are repetitive and stale

Disney has played a massive role in many of our childhoods, with their beautiful and exemplary animated films. The studio is known worldwide and is a pioneer in many aspects of entertainment, including the creation of the world's very first full-length animated film.

The demand for fun and original films is never-ceasing; a year that did not bear at least several ‘good’ films will be rendered disappointing. More and more animated films are becoming bland time-fillers that don’t stay in your memory. More and more animated films opt for facile narratives and crude jokes.

Of course, Disney has proved themselves above such methods, and so we turn to them for yet another refreshingly good film.

But what if that outstanding quality film doesn’t arrive?

they’re certainly getting what they want. The advertisements on every conceivable media, the fans who will flock to the cinema no matter what and the promising trailers all build up to a movie that climbs to the peaks of the box office records.

Yet instead of using fresh concepts and new characters to achieve this, they’re using old ones that are simply remakes of the same storylines. But why make these? Why add unnecessary CGI and voice-overs to classics that are already beloved?

Disney is no friendly neighbourhood business – it is a multi-billion corporation that has one main motivation: money. And with a net worth of $130 billion,

The answer is clear. While the reviews may whisper mediocrity, the revenue says something else entirely: the Lion King and Aladdin both made over $1 billion in the box office.

With that said, I think it’s pretty evident why they’re making (remaking) these movies, and I don’t think they’re going to stop anytime soon either.

Zixin MIV