The Green Award on the Marble

Paulina Lockdown Experiences

This lockdown has affected people in various ways, both positive and negative. Here are a few thoughts about lockdown from Paulinas themselves…

“I think that there is so much we can appreciate about being in lockdown and it’s important to have a positive outlook on life every day, despite the feelings of boredom and stress that are easy to succumb to. I appreciate the comfort of being at home with my family and the fact that we have our phones which we can use to connect to people, reinforcing the idea that we are all in this together." - Isabelle VII

“This lockdown is… interesting. I made friends with people in my year virtually and I learned how to cook properly. The lockdown is a great experience for me. Yes, I do feel lonely, but there is so much more I can do now that I couldn’t before. I can play the guitar, read and play more. However, I really miss my friends – some friendships have crumbled slightly while other friendships have strengthened and become better all around. I really think that even though this is a national crisis, a “chaotic” event, I finally have achieved peace. I have learnt yoga, a peaceful meditation, but that’s not what made me reach peace. It’s the fact that everybody has to stay at home, united in a common cause – it is amazingly humbling.” – Anon

“I miss the wildlife at my local park. The claustrophobia is manageable, though.” – Clementine LV

“I find that remote learning is a lot harder than I thought it would be; you have to stay on top of your emails looking out for any zoom invitations and having to wait for your questions to be answered takes a longer amount of time. But I do thank everyone for trying to help each other out to try and make this as similar an experience as if we were in school. My longest Netflix marathon has probably been 8 days and I have had a lot of fun meeting (virtually) friends here at SPGS and from my previous school.” – Raniya MIV

“In my opinion, lockdown has affected people differently, but personally it has made me want to study more, therefore stressing me out a lot. Usually, I’m quite sociable, especially over text (which is ironic in itself), but now, sometimes I just don’t want to talk to people. I think this could just be me because most people want to talk to others more. However, it’s still fun, especially when teachers have problems with Zoom!” – Anon