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Horror Movies… that aren’t scary

Blood, jump scares and gore

Thriller and horror movies are often confused for each other, however there is a clear line between the way their stories unfold. While they have a common aim to scare the viewers, thrillers tend to require more thought and explanation to understand the plot. Horrors, on the other hand, often depend on blood and gore.

Jump scares when done well can haunt you long after that short scene is over, but unfortunately they are often executed terribly. Too many jump scares in a movie can mean that they can become predictable and have the opposite of their desired effect. They can also be an excuse for thin plots and bad story writing. Moreover, jump scares can thrust the audience out of the realm of realism.

Another common trope in horror movies is gore, targeting the more squeamish of watchers. Some will argue that the best horror movies have the least blood. Many directors choose to show the tiniest splatters but imply the most painful death- leaving the rest to your imagination.

But ultimately, too many horror movies have zero logic and sense in them, based entirely on mindless acts of violence. You would think that an hour or two of such repetitive scenes would make up dull stuff – yet box office hits say otherwise.

Even those who think they don’t enjoy horror movies may realise they’ve actually watched loads!

Zixin MIV