The Globe Theatre

Three reasons why you should go to The Globe

If you’ve ever spent longer than three unfortunate minutes in my presence, you will know that I am a massive advocate for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Southbank. Surprisingly, it’s not particularly popular among students, but I believe that the time for change is now. Leading the revolution against theatre-hating and Shakespeare-hating Paulinas alike, here is a list of reasons you should go to the Globe:

1) It’s cheap.

Okay, honestly? Theatre-going is a super expensive hobby, which is why it makes sense that not many people take it up, but at the Globe Theatre, a standing ticket to one of their shows will only set you back, get this – a fiver. Yes, you have to stand for three hours, but you’ll also be within touching distance of a cast of incredible actors, singers, and dancers performing Shakespeare in its original form. If you’re looking to grab a quick show for an evening of feeling uber cultured, then the Globe is a perfect choice – even if you don’t love it, there aren’t going to be many hard regrets when it cost the same as your average venti Starbucks.

2) It’s practical.

We all have to study Shakespeare at school and for GCSE – might as well get used to it in a more enjoyable way than cramming the whole second half before class starts. Plus, you might find that you actually really enjoy it, and become more engaged in English. Win-win situation.

3) The performances are pretty darn cool!

With an ensemble full of people who all sing, dance, and act, the shows always include a mix of the three, making for an interesting, fun, and unique experience. They also, like most other companies performing Shakespeare, tend to put modern twists and jokes into their plays, as well as using completely ‘gender-blind’ casting, meaning that no production is the same as any other!

I hope that this was enough to give you some idea of what a magical place it is at the Globe, and to get you interested – see you there!

Soryoung VI