Volunteering at a Care Home- My Experience

The benefits of giving up our time to help others

For the past three weeks on Friday afternoons I have been volunteering at a care home, spending an hour of my time keeping the elderly company by talking to or helping them.

Initially I was slightly apprehensive, having heard stories from my elder brother who had worked in a care house where the people showed no motivation or interest to engage with their visitors.

However, when I arrived for my first visit I was pleasantly surprised. There were several lively and cheerful people, who enjoyed telling us their life stories and hearing what went on in our lives. It was lovely to see such huge smiles on their faces when we talked about common interests or when they heard a song which they particularly liked or, like Fly Me to the Moon, which had been popular in their youth.

It was also rewarding to spend time with those residents who needed not only company and entertainment, but real comfort and attention. It made me realise that we need to do something; it is not enough to be aware of how people feel and what they need, but we must also act on it. Even though it may be a challenge to enter a new and demanding situation, we should take that extra step and will come out of it feeling much happier, because we know that we have helped them and have brightened up their day.

I fully recommend taking part in such an activity, as it is both a wholesome and heart-warming experience, where you can contribute by spending time with those who truly appreciate your company.

Isabella VII