Satellite map of Pakistan 2021 vs 2022

Floods in Pakistan

Since Tuesday 14 June 2022, the floods in Pakistan have killed 1,569 people and injured even more. The floods were caused by heavy monsoon rain and melting glaciers, which followed a strong heat wave.

The areas affected the most are places towards the East and North of Pakistan. This is the country’s worst flood since 1961.

This flood has washed away many, many villages and leaving over four hundred children in need of help and at an increased risk of waterborne diseases. This monsoon season was the wettest it has been for over 6 decades and Pakistan seems to be the most vulnerable nation facing the climate crisis. The flood has washed away around $10 million in resources. Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, said on 30 August that people were facing food shortages and the price of basic items had “skyrocketed.” Across the country, over 80 districts were hit, and reports suggest that around one-third of the entire country was flooded and severely damaged.

China and the UK have offered money for resources and repair. We can also help by donating money to the kind trust funds set up around the world that will be given to Pakistan to help people affected and to help rebuild their homes. The Islamic Relief Trust Fund is a branch of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DER) that gives aid to people in need of help in Pakistan.

In conclusion, many people are being affected by the floods and are in need of food, shelter, and basic resources. By donating to the many charities helping out Pakistan, you could make a difference to all these people. These floods have hit over one-third of the country, affecting around 1.5 million people.

Yena (UIV)