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Peer Support

How to get support in school

Being a teenager has never been easy, but in these strange times it’s particularly confusing. It can really help to speak to someone who’s walking the same path as you, and our Peer Support Team are always here to listen, mentor and help.

We’re a group of 15 volunteers currently in the VI and, while we have many different backgrounds, experiences and interests between us, we share a belief that no one in our community should ever feel there’s nobody they can turn to. Each of the Peer Support team has had friendship difficulties, academic issues, extra-curricular disappointments, personal and other troubles and we try to bring this experience to our conversations with you. We’re all great listeners and can keep a secret – unless we feel you or someone else is in danger, whatever you tell us will stay with us.

We divided ourselves into groups last term and introduced ourselves over Zoom to the MIV and UIV during form time but we’re working hard to set up a web page on the portal so all pupils can learn more about us. The web pages will tell you how to contact any individual Peer Supporter directly, but until then the best way to reach us is through our dedicated email address which we check regularly: peersupport@spgs.org. Your tutor, Head of Year or Mrs Beesley can also put us in touch if you prefer.

When social distancing regulations ease, we invite you to our lovely room just off the concourse, appropriately named ‘The Oasis.’ Please drop in for a herbal tea, a chat or just to chill. You won’t need an appointment and we can’t wait to welcome you in person. Till then, we’re just a Zoom call away!

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