The school fee includes lunch and personal accident insurance. The fee per term for the academic year 2020-2021 is £8,629. For new entrants to the Senior School (Year 12) the fee per term is £9,277. Textbooks, music lessons, LAMDA classes, extra sports coaching and life drawing classes are charged as extra.

Fees are paid by direct debit either before the first day of term or under our termly instalment scheme. Under this scheme we are able to allow payment of a particular term’s fees to be made by three direct debit instalments during that term.

Governors review the school fee and charges each year.


There is a non-refundable registration fee of £125, unless the application is for a bursary place only. When you accept a place, a deposit of half the current termly fee is payable. We will credit this without interest against the final bill. If one or more of the people responsible for paying the fees is resident outside the UK, we also ask for an overseas deposit which is half of the current termly fee.


Parents are required to give a term’s notice if a girl is going to leave the school or stop one of her music, sports, LAMDA or art extras. Fees in lieu of notice will be charged if a term’s notice has not been received.