St Paul’s Girls’ School has built its reputation on innovation and progressive development. We have continually evolved to take advantage of the best opportunities for our students. We now begin an important new chapter in our school’s history: the opening of our first international sister school in China. This is the foundation of a network of SPGS International schools, in China and beyond. As the network grows, we will implement meaningful links between our schools, drawing upon local and global inspiration to enrich education for all our students.

SPGS International

SPGS International is a wholly owned subsidiary of St Paul’s Girls’ School. SPGS International works with international school operators and developers to establish schools modelled on the ethos and values of St Paul’s Girls’ School. Although SPGS International schools operate independently from St Paul’s in London, they are grounded in a close partnership to incorporate the most brilliant aspects of a St Paul’s education and seek to replicate its extraordinary achievements.

Our team of highly experienced international advisers provides guidance to our partners on the set-up of each school, including leadership and teacher recruitment, curriculum planning, policy development, and student assessment. Once a school has opened, SPGS International provides oversight of standards and supports ongoing professional development for staff.

Boy and girl in classroom at SPGS International school Chengdu, China.

Life at SPGS International schools in China

Students follow an enhanced version of the English National Curriculum, including Chinese language and culture and SPGS school directed courses. Students are taught in small classes and the curriculum is revised regularly to incorporate the latest educational practices. This approach enables students to achieve academic excellence and to play a leading role in the world beyond school.

A joy in learning, intellectual excitement and creativity in thinking permeate St Paul’s and this ethos is distilled into our sister schools. SPGS International schools provide holistic learning programmes that challenge and excite. Highly qualified and experienced teachers share best practices and benefit from ongoing professional development.

By recognising students’ individual strengths and talents, SPGS International teachers educate the whole child and develop independence, curiosity and resilience.

A core element of SPGS International schools is the opportunity for cultural exchange and shared learning for students and teachers. Long term links with St Paul’s in London are built through joint projects in technology, music and the arts, educational visits and teacher and pupil exchanges.

Children playing on slide at SPGS International school in Chengdu, China.

Our family of schools


SPGS International Chengdu is a co-educational, international school aimed at the expatriate community. It caters for students aged three to fifteen years old and will expand over the coming years to educate students through to 18.

The school is located in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province, rich in culture and natural beauty. The province is home to panda conservation and takes pride in its biodiversity and natural sources of energy. The school will have strong links with the area’s hi-tech industries and will benefit from its growing international business environment, mirroring our ambitions to develop new and emerging technologies within the curriculum at St Paul’s.

Junior school

The junior school is led by Phil Farrier-Price, who has nearly 20 years’ experience working in international and bilingual schools in China. Phil graduated from Durham University with a degree in Education and Business Management and specialises in early years and primary education. Under Phil’s leadership, students at the Chengdu school receive a broad and rounded education, based on the UK Early Years curriculum. Academic excellence is underpinned by a wealth of co-curricular activities, with a focus on the creative arts and the kindest pastoral care. This allows each child to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.

Student studies at SPGS International school in Chengdu, China.

Senior school

The senior school opened in August 2022 and is led by Naomi Edwards, who has over 15 years of experience working in education. Naomi holds a Masters in Education from Swansea University and specialises in secondary education. She was previously part of the Senior Leadership team in two large secondary schools in west Wales.

The senior school delivers the British National Curriculum enhanced with SPGS International’s own learning programme. This includes Chinese language and culture, the arts, a comprehensive leadership programme, cross-curricular courses and entrepreneurial projects. Students are given the opportunity to explore a range of areas beyond the formal curriculum in a rich and dynamic learning environment. 

Meet the team

Sara Brazendale
Managing Director

Sara leads SPGS International’s business in London, establishing SPGSI schools in new territories around the world. The first SPGSI Junior School opened in Chengdu, China in September 2021. SPGSI Senior School Chengdu opened in August 2022, and a new SPGS International Programme will launch at ULC in Guangzhou in September 2023.

Prior to joining St Paul’s, Sara was International Director at Wycombe Abbey where she helped to establish three new Wycombe Abbey International schools in China and Hong Kong.

Headshot image of Sara Brazendale.

With over 20 years’ experience in strategy consulting and international management, Sara is well placed to transfer St Paul’s Girls’ School’s ethos and values to new markets. Sara speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and French and has lived and worked extensively overseas throughout her career. Sara holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BA(Hons) in Chinese from Durham University.

SPGS International welcomes approaches from overseas partners or school operators seeking collaboration with the UK’s top independent day school for girls.

Emily Beckwith
International Project Executive

Emily has over five years of experience working in the education sector as a teacher, and in leadership positions. Emily graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts with a BA in Cultural Heritage Studies and the Institute of Education (University College London) with a MA in Museums & Galleries in Education. She has worked on exhibition design and project management at the Peabody Essex Museum (Salem, MA) and the Charterhouse. In 2018 Emily moved to China where she worked at Victoria Education Group. Here she led an international team in a bilingual work environment, developed curriculum, managed the transition to the enhanced IB PYP Programme, and organised events to promote the school. She then transitioned to Dulwich College, Shanghai Pudong. Emily is passionate about innovation in education, cultural exchange and international development. She enjoys reading, visiting museums and galleries, yoga and travelling.

Deepak Dhrona

Deepak is a qualified accountant with nearly 30 years’ experience working in practice and industry, here in the UK and overseas in Kenya.

He has worked in the independent school sector for 18 years.

Prior to joining St Paul’s Girls’ School, Deepak was the accountant at St Helen’s School in Northwood.

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Naomi Edwards appointed as Co-Principal and Head of Senior School at SPGS International Chengdu

12 September 2023

SPGS International is delighted to announce that Naomi Edwards has been appointed as Co-Principal and Head of Senior School at SPGS International Chengdu. Naomi brings a wealth of experience to the school as an educator and leader. We look forward to seeing the senior school grow and prosper under her supervision.

Naomi has worked in education for over 15 years. She holds a Master in English from Swansea University and is currently in the process of completing her doctorate with the UWTSD.  Before joining SPGS International Chengdu in 2022, Naomi was part of Senior Leadership teams in two large secondary schools in west Wales. 

“With pedagogy at the heart of everything I do, I am thrilled to bring my knowledge and skills into an international educational environment, and to continue to foster my strong desire to ensure all learners become 21st century citizens qualified for life” – Naomi Edwards, Co-Principal and Head of Senior School, SPGS International Chengdu

Leigh O’Hara to become first Headmaster of SPGS International School Guangzhou

7 July 2023

On Sunday we celebrated Deputy Head, Director of Partnerships and Director of Music, Leigh O’Hara’s 11th and final year at SPGS with a concert in the Great Hall. We are delighted that Leigh will stay within the SPGS family as he has been appointed as the first Headmaster of SPGS International School Guangzhou. Leigh will be moving to China in September to begin preparations for the new school which will open in 2024. 

Leigh’s wealth of educational expertise, leadership and lifelong commitment will be invaluable for the school. We are looking forward to the future of SPGS International School Guangzhou and fostering a close collaboration with our sister school under Leigh’s leadership. 

Winners! SPGS International School Chengdu awarded the Best New School in China

24 February 2023

We are excited to announce that SPGS International School Chengdu has been awarded the New School Award by the British Chamber of Commerce in China. 

Congratulations and thank you to all of our marvellous staff, students, parents and partners at the school. 



China school award

Spring Term Begins

6 February 2023

As the spring term begins at SPGS International Chengdu and celebrations for the Chinese New Year come to a close, we look back at our school’s festivities before the break.

Warming Up for Chinese New Year

16 January 2023

As the Chinese New Year fast approaches, the students at SPGS International School Chengdu warm up for the festivities.

Last week all junior school students sang the Chinese New Year song in their morning assembly. This marked a wonderful start to their celebrations and we are excited to show you what else they get up to over the coming days!

Friendship, Collaboration and Teamwork – Sports Day 2022

25 November 2022

As we layer up for the colder weather, we look back at some of the fantastic summer activities that the students, parents and teachers enjoyed at SPGS International School Chengdu on their sports day.
From the parents’ tug of war, teacher races and a student obstacle
course we enjoyed watching it all, showcasing our brilliant team-work skills and learning more about collaboration and friendship.

‘An Invaluable Experience both for Learning and for Friendships’ – The 2nd Installment of the Chengdu Express Program

8 November 2022

At the beginning of the month, students from SPGS London and SPGS International School Chengdu took part in a virtual exchange. Both sets of pupils got the chance to discuss the topics relevant to the GCSE Mandarin curriculum, covering subjects such as their favourite foods, singers and other hobbies.

The activity proved to be a great success as the students at both schools relaxed into the exercise, built confidence in their spoken language and shared a laugh with their sister school groups. The pupils at SPGS in London were particularly thrilled with how the morning went, stating that it was ‘an invaluable experience both for learning and for friendships’.

If you would like to see more of the collaborations between both sister schools, then please follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram @SPGSInternational.

A Fang-tastic Day at SPGS International School Chengdu!

31 October 2022

Students had a spooky start to the week, celebrating all things Halloween. Teachers, students and parents all took part in face-painting and games around the school, showcasing the outstanding facilities that it has to offer.

Perhaps this is the sort of vibrant environment that you could see yourself teaching in from September 2023?

If so, please contact click the link 

A Typical Day at SPGS International School Chengdu

20 January 2022

How do students at SPGS International School Chengdu spend their day? With specially selected monthly learning themes, outdoor classes and a mix of music, art, science and drama classes, younger children in Junior School are always excited to explore and discover new ideas. Watch the video for a quick glimpse into their typical activity-filled school day. 

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