Founded in 1904, St Paul’s was one of the first schools to believe in the importance of educating women to fulfil their potential, giving them the skills and confidence to take their place with pride in a modernising and fast-moving world. That tradition remains at our core.

We are bold in our ambitions and celebrate everyone’s achievements

We enthusiastically throw ourselves into anything, with dedication and passion. We expect to be busy, participating in as many activities as possible. We are happy outside our comfort zones and do not let fear of failure get in our way. We take risks and will go to great lengths to achieve our goals. We do not boast about our talents or achievements. We accept constructive criticism and push through setbacks. We are comfortable in approaching each other for help. We explore a wide range of opportunities and maintain a balance of exciting interests. We do not say “I can’t do it”, rather “I can’t do it yet.” Challenge and motivation go hand-in-hand for us, and we often do our best when presented with difficult tasks!

Students in a maths lesson

We are serious in scholarship whilst having fun

We are driven by curiosity and are free to explore ideas in an atmosphere of active academic enquiry. We enjoy the scope to be creative and develop our skills in the pursuit of knowledge. Thought-provoking tasks stimulate the imagination and inspire us to extend our explorations, whether through attending external talks or giving our own. We have freedom of subject choice. Inspirational teachers live their passions and will always show students where to look for further research. We find imaginative approaches to complex problems through drawing together diverse ways of thinking. We balance study and extra-curricular activity, running and joining clubs and exciting co-curricular opportunities. We are a cultured community, with activities for all, but we do not take ourselves too seriously!

We uphold high expectations, warmth and kindness

Genuine determination and motivation to succeed go hand-in-hand with team spirit. We have regard for the community as a whole and act with courtesy and sensitivity to each other’s values and viewpoints. We are always willing to help each other, being generous with our time and attention. We work hard in an atmosphere of trust and respect, taking responsibility for our own actions. Academic ambition is balanced by an understanding that mistakes are a key part of learning. Teachers are responsive to individual needs and happy to give support where needed. We discuss sensitive topics with maturity. Teachers are compassionate in preparing students to be who they want to be in the future.

We relish individuality and thrive in collaboration

Our community is sustained through collaboration in all aspects of school life, within and across year groups. We strive to be independent problem-solvers and will take the initiative to get things done, whether in formal studies or co-curricular activities! Students have opportunities to develop service and entrepreneurship at all ages. We will always volunteer when a volunteer is needed, and we stick to our commitments. Interactions between staff and students are understood as collaborations, based upon mutual respect. We are continually learning from each other in an atmosphere of collective ambition and goodwill. We look beyond our gates to support pupils in other schools.

Our identity is forged from diversity

We have a liberal community that allows a person to be themselves: individuality is celebrated through our freedom of dress, opinion and activity. Students develop supportive friendships whilst exploring their identities. Through the Head of School Team and societies such as St Paul’s Environmental Action Commitee (SPEAC) the students have a strong voice in how the school is run. Every member of the school community can collaborate with other schools through our broad offer of partnerships activities. The bursary programme supports entry to the school from all backgrounds, and the RAISE committee supports these students throughout their time at the school. We are passionate about the role of education in preparing all students for the future and shaping the world they will live in.

Not only have I been given the tools to achieve my goals, but the landscape of possible goals has widened. Justine Archer, Governor, alumna and former bursary recipient

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