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Trips and visits

An accessible programme of trips and visits offers students the opportunity to enjoy a range of new experiences through visits to lectures, plays, workshops, galleries, museums and cultural sites, both in the UK and abroad.

Day trips

St Paul’s has an extremely advantageous location near the heart of London, and many of our day trips seek to make the most of the cultural opportunities offered by the city.

London’s rich theatrical scene enables students to attend a vast selection of plays. Art students visit a variety of art galleries, as well as making research trips to famously beautiful locations such as Kew Gardens for artistic inspiration. In recent years, religion and philosophy students have visited the London Central Mosque, geographers have taken a fieldtrip to London Docklands and students of Chinese have taken advantage of the collection of Chinese artefacts at the British Museum, followed by an excursion into London’s Chinatown.

Our proximity to locations such as Halycon Gallery and Tate Britain enables students to attend a range of exhibitions and workshops, exploring topics including engineering, classical mythology and digital art and coding.

To enrich their studies, Paulinas attend a range of lectures and conferences, often hosted by partner schools, on topics including Classics, Russian and economics. Annual highlights include hearing talks from top scientists at Science Live! and participating in the visual arts public speaking competition ARTiculation.


Our co-curricular provision includes opportunities for students to enjoy an array of residential trips. Some offer a perfect opportunity to explore within the UK. Students undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award complete their outdoor expeditions in several picturesque areas of the British countryside. Geographers travel to areas such as Dorset and the Lake District to complete their fieldwork, while students of biology spend time in Pembrokeshire. The English department offers an enrichment trip giving Senior School students an opportunity to visit some of the key literary sites of the North-West of England.

Students attending a trip as part of the religion and philosophy department.


Other trips enable students to venture further afield. Linguists can practise conversation with native speakers and enhance their cultural knowledge on language trips to locations such as Venice, Berlin, Valencia and the French Riviera.

We also offer a host of exchange programmes, designed to increase students’ language skills and encourage them to make connections with others from different cultures and heritages. Language exchanges take place with students in locations such as Bonn and Marseille.

There are also several cultural exchanges with schools in Australia, the USA and Japan, which offer a unique and exciting opportunity for students to spend a more extended period living abroad, gaining new experiences and developing their independence.

A multitude of study trips aim to deepen students’ knowledge through visits to important historical and cultural locations.

The Bay of Naples trip brings the study of Classics to life for members of the UIV (Year 8), who visit many of the sites mentioned in their Cambridge Latin Course, including Vesuvius, Pompeii, and Herculaneum.

Students have enriched their study of history with overseas trips to destinations such as Dublin, Berlin and Moscow in recent years.

Art students gain plenty of inspiration for their creative projects on the art trip to the Venice Biennale. Other annual favourite trips include the ski trip in the spring term, which is loved by all students in the LV (Year 9) and V (Year 10) who attend.

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