Charities and service

We believe in the importance of preparing students to contribute positively to the communities around them and Paulinas take part enthusiastically in a range of charity and service endeavours.


Service activities give students the opportunity to make connections beyond St Paul’s. Engagement with others broadens students’ perspectives, as they learn from those whose backgrounds and lived experiences differ from their own. Spending time working in the local community enables students to have a direct positive effect, emphasising the benefits of collaboration. The aim is to nurture students’ compassion and generosity of spirit, instilling an awareness of our duty to others that will remain with them as they progress into life beyond school.

Students in the V (Year 10) and above are encouraged to get involved with a variety of service initiatives, from visiting local care homes to helping with community gardening and planting projects. In addition, every member of the VII (Year 12) spends time in service to the local community as part of our unique St Paul’s Programme. Activities include working as warehouse volunteers for City Harvest (a local organisation that redistributes surplus food to organisations that feed those in need), visiting Ace of Clubs (a day centre for the homeless and others in need) and providing support in local primary schools.


At St Paul’s, charitable giving and activity are vital aspects of school life. A focus on the importance of charity encourages students to consider the issues in the world around them and illustrates how they can use their actions and resources to make a tangible positive impact.

Every September, we hold a school-wide vote to select the two charities that will become our main school charities for the academic year. The Charities Committee, a team of usually around 10-15 passionate and dedicated students in the VII (Year 12), take the lead in organising a vast range of exciting fundraising activities, raising awareness of the important work carried out by these organisations.

Students selling items at a stall in the Great Hall for the Charities Committee.

There are several annual charity events which prove perennially popular. These include the much-anticipated TAG and Teachers’ University Challenge, which encourage all members of the school community to get involved. Each year the new Charities Committee also launch a range of innovative events. These have included teachers vs students sports games, participation in the 2.6 challenge, cyclathons, a candy cane sale in collaboration with St Paul’s School, cooking competitions and more. Bake sales and dress-up days are regular highlights of the school calendar.

The Charities Committee also set up initiatives and activities to support other causes throughout the year, responding to current issues and events. The annual Amnesty concert is always a spectacular start to the fundraising year; in 2019-20, the Charities Committee placed special emphasis on climate change, tying in with their aim to go paperless in all their campaigning. They continued their environmental focus by collaborating with the St Paul’s Environmental Action Committee (SPEAC) on a dress-up day to raise money for bushfire relief in Australia. In 2019-20, projects and fundraisers also provided support to organisations including FareShare UK and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

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Community activities

Community activities