Occasional places

Places occasionally become available for entry into Year 8 and Year 9, though this is dependent on current students leaving the school and overall school numbers so vacancies do not arise every year.

For entry into these year groups we would normally be looking for candidates with both high academic performance and substantial involvement in extra-curricular activities. Prospective candidates will also need to be currently studying at least two modern languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin) and either currently studying Latin or prepared to catch-up one/two years of Latin before entry.

Candidates would initially sit examinations in English and mathematics before being shortlisted for interview based on these results. Shortlisted applicants will have an interview in science and their two modern language options, as well as a general interview. Places would normally be offered towards the end of March.

We usually prioritise those applicants who do not have a secondary school place in London i.e. families who are relocating from overseas or applicants whose current school only goes up to age 13. Please note that applicants who sat our 11+ process would normally only be reconsidered at this entry point if they reached the interview stage.

Please indicate your interest in these entry points by emailing the Admissions Office at

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Fees and scholarships

Fees and scholarships