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We are hugely grateful for the support of our wider St Paul’s community, who play such an important role in school life. We appreciate the support of parent and alumnae volunteers and our generous donors whose help is crucial to our continued success. Whether alumnae or parent, there are many ways to get involved.

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Our aim

Bursaries transform the lives of the students who receive them, enabling access regardless of means to the richness and opportunity of a St Paul’s education. In turn, bursary students bring a wealth of insights, talents and perspectives that are a vital pillar of our outward facing, collaborative and inclusive community.

In 1904, the Mercers’ Company established St Paul’s Girls’ School, inspired by founder John Colet and acting as his trustee. Colet’s extraordinary vision for the education of children of ‘all countries and nations indifferently’ is a principle of inclusiveness that still guides our ethos today.

Today, our bursary programme is central to ensuring that talented students from all backgrounds can gain access to the exceptional education we provide.

High Mistress Sarah Fletcher with students in the library.

One hundred years later in 2004 the school established its own bursary endowment. Although growing, it remains very modest. It allows us to fund 15 means-tested bursaries for Paulinas today. Each donation to the endowment is invested in a capital fund to produce an income for bursaries in perpetuity. We are committed to building this long-term fund. To fund all 89 of our current bursary students, we would need an endowment of over £66M; we therefore have a long way to go before becoming self-sustaining.

Until we are self-sustaining, we rely on raising funds for revenue bursaries alongside growing our endowment. We are proud that so far, no student who has passed our entry requirements has been turned away on financial grounds. Currently around 11% of our students receive substantial financial assistance. To sustain this we need to raise £1.5M a year for revenue bursaries.

Over the coming years we hope to increase that figure to 20% and aim to sustain this by enhancing our endowment fund and increasing our donor base.

You can find our annual Impact Report here


If you would like to help, please do get in touch.

Julia Mallis, Director of Development
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Bursaries and partnerships are two sides of the same coin. They enable us to share our privilege and broaden our community, bringing inspiration and depth of understanding that enrich our school beyond measure. Sarah Fletcher, High Mistress

Bursaries have an immeasurable impact on the students that receive them and on who they will become. Here, Nehali, Annie and Anya tell us what St Paul’s meant to them.


Alumna 2001-2003

Old Paulina and bursary recipient Nehali.

Nehali, a barrister in London, reflects on the ‘transformative’ impact of her time at St Paul’s, which gave her the training and confidence to pursue a career in law.


Alumna 2002-2009

Old Paulina and bursary recipient Annie.

Annie, the Head of Cross Government Policy at the Cities and Local Growth Unit, discusses the gratitude she felt as a Paulina towards those who had invested in her education and the resulting commitment to public service which has driven her career and voluntary work.


Alumna 2013-2020

Old Paulina and bursary recipient Anya.

Anya, former Head Girl and current student at Oxford University, speaks about her own feeling of being ‘looked after’ by the school’s bursary programme and considers the benefits of the bursary programme for the school community as a whole.

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