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Valuing diversity and celebrating individuality are core values of our school, and we welcome applications from prospective students with SEND.

The aim of the Learning Support department is to ensure that education at St Paul’s Girls’ School is accessible and inclusive. This includes the admissions process. If your child requires access arrangements for admissions, please indicate this on your application form. We will contact you to learn a little more about your child’s needs and discuss the current arrangements that they have in school. We will talk through options for arrangements we can put in place at each stage of the admissions process.


Here are some frequently asked questions about accessibility at SPGS. We hope that they are helpful, but if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Q: Will declaring a SEND disadvantage my child’s application?

Absolutely not! Having appropriate access arrangements will ensure that your child is not unfairly disadvantaged during the application process.

Q: How do I request access arrangements for entrance examinations?

Please give information about your child’s SEND on the application form. We will contact you to talk through your child’s needs in more detail. 

Q: Who is eligible for access arrangements for entrance examinations?

Students who are currently in receipt of access arrangements at school and those who have a relevant diagnosis.

Q: Does SPGS have many students with SEND?

Like all communities, our student body includes students with a range of additional needs.

Q: What support do students with SEND receive at SPGS?

Learning support is structured around the needs of the individual student, but might include: 

  • Regular or ad hoc 1:1 learning mentorship 
  • Staff-led group work on specific skills, such as reading techniques 
  • Practical support, such as training in use of dictation software 
  • Facilitating or leading conversations with staff 
  • Ensuring that students have appropriate access arrangements for in-house and public examinations 

Q: What access arrangements are available for prospective students in the entrance examinations?

If you indicate that your child has an additional need on the application form, we will contact you to learn more about their needs and talk through options for arrangements that we can put in place. Previous candidates have been offered additional time, rest breaks, modified papers or use of a computer for typing.

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