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Student journalism

There is great enthusiasm for student journalism at St Paul’s. There are plenty of opportunities for keen writers to discuss their interests, whether they enjoy politics or film reviews, gardening tips or scientific developments. From contributing to a range of school publications to writing for our school newsletter or website, students of all year groups are encouraged to share their thoughts and find their voice.

As students progress through the school, they can take on greater responsibility by applying to edit our student newspapers and magazines. Student editors design, produce and sell their publications in collaboration with a group of section editors and writers, offering a unique opportunity to flex their creativity, lead a team and manage a project, from planning to pricing and printing.

The Marble is our long-standing student newspaper, covering a range of current affairs, while Foodie is a brilliant source of culinary inspiration. Students also produce a multitude of department publications, including Clio and CaCO3, our history and science magazines.

To view a snapshot of our vibrant student journalism, please click here to visit our online webzine, iPaulina. Run by a team of student editors and updated throughout the year, iPaulina features articles written by students from the MIV to VIII (Y7 to Y13) on topics spanning from Art and Culture to Science and Technology.

Our annual student magazine, Paulina, is a culmination of articles and illustrations by students across the whole school. Please click here to see a copy on our publications page.

Editions of the student-led newspaper, The Marble.

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