Learning Support

Learning Support

The school acknowledges and values the diversity of all learners within our community. 

The Learning Support department’s primary role is to listen to students’ lived experiences of SENDs, with the aim of finding practical ways of enabling students to thrive both academically and socially within school. We work with staff to further their understanding of students’ perspectives and to support them in the development of increasing accessibility in their teaching practice. 

SEND students’ needs are monitored and reviewed using IEPs (Individual Educational Plans). These are written in collaboration with students and their parents. The plans identify students’ strengths and affinities, and they outline key strategies and adaptations in the classroom to help students develop their independence. These plans will include details of any access arrangements students may need for exams or assessments. They are reviewed regularly and are used to inform any further provision that may be needed. This might include:

  • Staff mentoring sessions to review the week, to celebrate achievements and to reflect on ways of navigating potential challenges ahead
  • Focused 1:1 or small-group sessions looking at a particular area of skill, e.g., reading techniques, memory strategies, social interaction or independent study habits
High Mistress Sarah Fletcher with students in the library.

SEND students are invited to Working Breakfasts twice a term. These whole-group meetings are an opportunity for us to meet and talk through shared experiences, to celebrate successes and to build relationships across age groups. Ideas raised in these meetings feed into practical outcomes such as topics for staff training or the updating and development of PSHE materials. They have also led to collaborative projects with subject departments with the aim of raising awareness and understanding of SENDs.

Our long-term goal, with their transition to tertiary education and the workplace in mind, is to help students become their own advocates. The path to this goal is different for every student, and we aim to work creatively, and at the students’ own pace, as they navigate this journey.

Although our primary focus is on students with SENDs, the department is open to all students who wish to reflect on their learning and develop strategies to work around challenges.

The Learning Support department works alongside Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion, and Admissions. To find out further information use the links below:

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