Old Paulina Community

The school takes pride in its Old Paulina community, welcoming and embracing a group of alumnae wide and far reaching, and one that contributes significantly on a national and global stage.

The school, through the work of the Development Office, aims to help Old Paulinas keep in touch with each other via regular communications and publications and with a unique, vibrant and varied events calendar.  Events include reunions, career networking events, cultural events, school concerts, and a variety of other social events.

For more event information, please visit OP Connect.

The history of the Old Paulina community originates from a group of alumnae forming the League, founded on 7 February 1908.   The term ‘Old Paulinas’ as opposed to ‘old girls’ emerged during the First World War. The first recorded use of the phrase is in the school magazine of December 1916, in which the editorial addressed ‘Old Paulinas’.

The St Paul’s Development Office oversees and fosters the relationships with Old Paulinas. If you have any questions about our events, activities or fundraising programmes, please do get in touch:

Emma Porter

Alumnae Relations Manager

020 7605 4815