Newman English Jueju Prize winner

March 30, 2021

As one of the Chinese New Year celebration activities, all students studying Chinese participated in the Newman English Jueju competition. Jueju is an ancient form of Chinese poetry widely used for over one and half thousand years, not only in China but also in other Asian counties such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Jueju embodies the spirit of the pursuit of harmony among humans, and between humans and nature.  For lockdown, it became a wonderful means to express sorrow, worries, joy and hope. In a matter of a few weeks, many students developed their skills in writing jueju beyond the beginning stage and were highly recommended by Professor Stalling, a jueju specialist from University of Oklahoma.

This was the first time St Paul’s took part in this competition. Congratulations to Sofia (V) for winning this year’s Newman English Jueju Prize, the first ever UK winner.

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