Thames Festival Summer Programme

September 11, 2020

Up to 60 young people at a time attended this summer programme on ‘Creating a 3D experience’, organised by our Head of Computer Science & Creative Technology Ms Bustamante and commissioned by the Thames Festival as one of the September celebrations this year. The Thames embankments between London Bridge and Tower Bridge were created digitally using different software and hardware techniques, and then programmed for interactivity to create a downloadable 3D app. The idea was conceived by the photographer, Henry Reichhold, who worked with us in the spring term. He was aided by Encho Rachev, a.k.a the Curious Architect, who programmed the experience. We reached out to share this with as many young people as possible. Sessions ran in Zoom, and the whole process of creating a 3D interactive environment was available to follow. Some sessions took the form of digital, remote workshops. Young people who attended hailed from the St Paul’s student body, new MIVs starting this September, other London schools and girls from a South London youth group. There was the opportunity to submit artwork, poetry, etc, to be showcased within the 3D world. Some beautiful pieces were sent through, some inspired by the workshops given in the Zoom sessions, and now exhibited on the digital banks of the Thames. You can download and experience the creation here.

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