Junior Theatre Performance

Junior Theatre Performance

The Junior Theatre Showcase took place on Thursday 4 May.

The evening was a great success featuring Improv Club, MIV Drama Club, UIV Drama Club, LV Drama Club and the Evolve Theatre Company. I found acting in UIV Drama Club and Evolve an amazing experience as I worked on my acting skills alongside having fun as well!

Watching the plays was very enjoyable, as each play had an entirely different feel about it. Improv club was very engaging and involved a lot of audience participation, showing two improv games that the students played with no planning or previous preparation. MIV Drama Club was a beautiful piece, which showed different paintings through the form of dance. UIV Drama Club was about a young girl who sets off on a mission to make her school’s playground a beautiful and green space, discovering many secrets about her school along the way. LV Drama Club was a hilarious comedy about a hotel that unfolds into chaos and many deaths. Evolve Theatre Company explored the teenage brain and how, although misunderstood by most people, it is beautiful.

I’m sure I speak for everyone involved, actors, teachers, crew and audience, that this year’s show has been a fantastic experience and I would like to thank everyone who made this such an enjoyable night!

Kavya (UIV)