Green Week

The final week of the spring term was dedicated to our annual and much-anticipated 'Green Week', led by a team of VII SPEAC with input from students and staff from across the school.

It began with a whole school assembly outlining the plans for the week, ranging from interactive form-time activities coordinated by SPEAC to a bake sale and woodland creatures dress-up day to raise funds for Ms Dariya’s Clean Rural Water Campaign, and even a special eco-round in the Parents Guild Quiz. One of the many highlights was surely Mr Fox’s vegan cook-along, where students created stunning artistic interpretations of a vegan mushroom and leek pie under his expert tutelage. A key aim was to include ‘green seasoning’ across existing school clubs, societies and activities, as part of our overall school strategy to embed sustainability into all that we do. We collaborated with the Foodie magazine for a spectacular, sustainable edition, packed with recipes, green tips, insightful articles written by a broad range of year groups and an interview with our own General Services Manager, Mr Vernon. Societies ranging from Politics Society to AI and Ethics Society wove sustainability into their talks and discussions; our Sustainability Coordinator, Dr Dickerson, gave a talk for Lit Soc on ‘Looking for Eden in a fallen world’, while POCSOC looked at ‘How climate change disproportionately affects people of colour’ and Hispanic Culture Club discussed ‘The Importance of Bolivia for the Amazon Rainforest’, to name a few.

Students in the VII presented their water purification system proposal to parents, staff and students as part of a new sustainability EPQ research qualification pilot spearheaded by our High Mistress in collaboration with the examination board OCR, Chatham House and Manchester University. Members of SPEAC facilitated discussions about fast fashion and its impact with those at the ReStore Sale. The week ended in an auditory manner, with Vox Radio playing green songs at break and rather alarming animal sounds in place of our usual bell, with the sound of geese and cows resonating through our classrooms, catching us all off guard. Raising awareness of energy use has been an ongoing theme for SPEAC this year and we encourage you to keep the ‘Green Week’ spirit going by taking part in WWF’s annual Earth Hour on Saturday at 8.30pm. Many thanks to all the students who helped facilitate these wonderful events, and to all the staff involved in making our visions for the week a reality.