SPGS celebrated Wellbeing Week from Monday 27 February to Friday 3 March, a week designed to cheer up students and brighten the school atmosphere. The week kicked off with an assembly about what joy really is and what it means to all of us. Much to our delight, we were also told that we had no homework, just reading related to our subjects. The week provided a great reminder to have fun once in a while, and not let stress get to you. Several activities were planned, such as the music provided by VOX Radio and the bubbles and stickers distributed in the Great Hall every day at break. World Book Day also happened to fall on Thursday, with students dressing as their favourite book characters. Overall, the week was incredible and raised our spirits for the rest of the term. 

Yuvika (UIV)

The week consisted of many exciting activities to participate in, including a special salsa dance class run by Mr Perdikis! In addition to this, delicious treats were being handed out before school and during break, including smoothies, brownies and popcorn. And maybe one of the best things about Wellbeing Week is that teachers could only give us reading homework, giving us the time to relax after school and do some of the things we most enjoy. Other highlights of the week were the photobooth, where you could take pictures with friends in front of a very creative background whilst wearing some amazing costumes, listening to VOX Radio whilst eating some of our favourite snacks in the Great Hall and seeing everybody’s incredible costumes for World Book Day! 

Lavinia (UIV)

Wellbeing Week was an exciting week packed with many fun activities for both the students and the teachers. We kicked it off with delicious smoothies on the Concourse and a very energetic assembly with a lot of dancing involved. The teachers’ cake decorating competition was hilarious to watch and extremely entertaining. Wednesday morning was especially exciting when a magician came into assembly and wowed us with magic tricks, card tricks, and ended with a special trick shown by a guest star from the UIV! Many students had sparkly polished nails after the nail bar which happened during Thursday 2nd lunch, and we capped the week off with Avatar dancing after school in the Dance Studio. Overall, it was such an amazing week and thank you to all the teachers and students who helped to make Wellbeing Week so enjoyable for everyone.

Yena (UIV)