Every Brilliant Thing

On Wednesday 11 January, the VII Drama Scholars performed our production of Duncan Macmillan’s 'Every Brilliant Thing'.

Originally a one-man-show, we adapted the play so that we each played the central character at different stages of his life. The play deals with the causes and impacts of depression and suicide as well as the joy and vitality that can be found in unexpected parts of life, leading the audience to be uplifted by the humour, despite the saddening realities of the character’s life.

One of the key features of the play is audience participation. Due to the difficult and complex subject matter, it was essential to create a genuine, heartfelt relationship with the audience in order to communicate the important messages of the play. With such a small cast, the rehearsal process was constantly filled with warmth and teamwork. This play also allowed us to explore more effective and nuanced techniques of storytelling. It was especially enjoyable to write a list of our own ‘Brilliant Things’ to feature at the end of the play. Many thanks to Mr Davies for his dedication, attentiveness, and compassion that enabled us to bring this story to life. 

Thea (VII)