Lower School Festive Fun

On Wednesday 7 December I attended my first Festive Fun. I am counting down the days to the next (and sadly my last) one.

Festive Fun was divided up into the categories of choice: netball, languages board games, Christmas decorations, history charades, maths and science.

I was fortunate enough to attend the science subcategory of Festive Fun. Our task was simple, yet complex, with a Frozen theme. Could we build a tower for Elsa using the least material provided? Each team was provided with the following: 30 sheets of A4 paper, three sheets of card and a roll of biodegradable tape. To shape these materials, we were allowed to use scissors and rulers.

This task was not at all easy to achieve; thinking and planning had to be swift and execution thorough. There were many bumps along the road to creating our castle (inspired by the Eiffel Tower), but teamwork, frequent sweet treats, jokes and kind older students pushed us through. Though at first slightly dysfunctional, our team survived. We manage to agree on a name, which was: We Take Tips.

Throughout this wonderful exercise I bonded with the UIV by learning together. I made some friends that day, and I hope to keep being friends with these people.

And because of the perseverance (and high competitiveness) of my team – we won! It wasn’t just the dairy free chocolate prize that satisfied us, it was our pride. Our hard work paid off. There were sturdier and taller models then ours, but we won. And this demonstrates that teamwork (and last – minute additions) really works. I believe that is the goal of Festive Fun, and one to be upheld – teamwork and bonding.

Leela (MIV)