Christmas Concert 2022

Christmas Concert 2022

On Tuesday 13 December, the Christmas Concert took place. The concert started with the world premiere of Dr Hughes’ new opera, 'Ada'. This told the story of Ada Lovelace’s life, and her fundamental discoveries in the world of maths and computers.

In the second half of the concert, there were fantastic performances from the Concert Band, Paulina Voices, Senior Choir, Symphony Orchestra, and the traditional Gardner carols. To our delight, we became absolutely dazzled to see Mrs Fletcher play the clarinet in Concert Band! I would like to express my utmost thanks to Miss Sturt, who gave irreplaceable contribution to both Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra and conducted Weber’s Overture to Euryanthe in Symphony Orchestra. During this piece, I saw some in the audience get teary-eyed, as they were so moved. Her constructive words of wisdom enlightened us on what we did not realise before. In addition, how would the concert have flourished without Miss Pegler, who conducted and provided indispensable support for choirs and opera soloists; and Miss White, who beautifully accompanied Senior Choir. Thanks to her accompaniment, we were entranced by the beautiful voices of the choir, as if it were Christmas Eve.

I would also like to thank Mr Dickinson, who tirelessly guided Concert Band to give a dynamic performance. Furthermore, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr Hughes, who without his composition of the opera Ada, the Christmas Concert would have been a bit lonely. I would also like to thank Mr O’Hara, who wholeheartedly conducted Ada and Symphony Orchestra. Without the phenomenal contributions of all these teachers, the music would never have resounded throughout the whole Great Hall. I wish that our beautiful music of the Christmas Concert was heard not only in the school but resonated out into the town and warmed the hearts of people.

Jane (UIV)